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2013/10/15 18:47

Will they be confident when they attend their first interview for

Our interview preparation class is coming to Baby Dance in October!
Through our interview stimulations, kids will acquire the essential techniques such as confidence, eye contact, body posture to ensure a successful interview.

Available in all centres in October.
Class duration will be 45 minutes.

Please contact us on 28664288
For direct enrollment !

2013/10/15 18:47

Kindergarten interviews tips! (Part 1)

1. Consistently train the types of intelligence (linguistic, musical, logical, spatial, interpersonal, bodily-kinesthetic) PLUS the politeness and responsiveness.

2. Have a good sleep right before the interview day and wake him/her up sweetly to ensure he or she has a good mood during interview

3. Bring some favorable treats (dolls, juice, dried fruits or even a toy) to entice your kids if he/she has an average or stable performance – let him/her “enjoy” interviews.

4. Bring or submit a profile of your kids with all the achieved Certificates. Don’t forget your Baby Dance Certificate if you achieved!

2011/1/18 17:23

Press Archive - Hong Kong Economic Times (Feature) Report
Posted on 17th January, 2011

Click here for more details

2009/9/18 20:39

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